How to Reset a Washing Machine, Reasons and Easy Fixes

Friday 9th September 2022
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Fri 9th September 2022

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Problems doing your laundry can lead to frustrations, not to mention nothing to wear! So if you are having issues with a washing machine, sometimes a quick reset is all it takes. But for this, you need to know how to reset a washing machine.

So, find out everything you need to know to get up and running again.

Join us in this article to discover some common problems, what might be causing your machine to malfunction and crucially, how to reset your washing machine 

Let’s take a look at the quick answer first so you can get started straight away. 

Some washing machines have a reset function, consult your manual for details. Also, reset by disconnecting from power for a few minutes. Open and close the door of the machine 6 times within 12 seconds for a master reset. Before a reset, check power, circuit breaker, child lock, drain house or adjust the load.

With the mini takeaway in place, so you can more easily understand how to do a washing machine reset, let’s take a look at why it might be necessary. 

Why do I need a washing machine reset? 

You may need to reset a washing machine if it won’t start or has stopped during a cycle. 

Most newer washing machines come with a reset feature that allows you to restart the washer after it experiences an error code or fault.

Causes that lead to these problems include power spikes, imbalanced loads in your machine or sometimes an interruption in power. 

“You may need to reset a washing machine if it won’t start or has stopped during a cycle” 

Before resetting a washing machine 

So before you go ahead and reset your machine, try these few solutions first. 

Check the power and circuit breaker 

Before you try a reset, it’s worth checking the power supply to your washing machine. It could be the plug or another problem with the power supply. 

Before you try a reset on the machine check the fuse box to see if it has tripped. If so, you may need to reset the fuse at the circuit breaker. 

To reset a fuse switch at the fuse box, click the switch to its ‘off’ position, then switch it back to ‘on’. You might hear a few beeps from smoke detectors and appliances restarting when you turn the power back on, but that’s quite normal.

If you’re not confident or experienced at using the switches on your fuse box, then it’s important to obtain the services of a professional electrician to carry out the checks for you.

Child lock reset 

Some machines have a child lock which may be stopping the machine from opening or otherwise working. This is usually shown as a key symbol on the digital panel. 

One way to deactivate a child lock is to press and hold the start button for 5 seconds. You will then hear a beep and the key symbol should be removed. 

Check your owner’s manual for how to deactivate the child lock on your own machine as each brand often works slightly differently. 

Adjust the load

If your washer has stopped mid-cycle, it could be that the wash load is unbalanced. 

This can happen sometimes if it’s underloaded or even if there’s too much washing in the machine. 

If possible, open the door ( or lid of a top loader) and adjust the load so it sits more evenly in the drum. 

You may find that you might have to take our larger items, re-arrange the load or add more to make a full load. Check your washing manual for the correct wash loads in your machine. 

Washing Machine Load

Check the drain hose 

It might be that the drain hose has become clogged, usually due to grease and debris build-up. So you might need to check it and clear it.

Then try turning the washing machine on again – make sure your hands are dry first!

If it still won’t start, unplug it or turn the fuse box switch off, then turn it back on. Then, plug the washing machine into the power socket again.

Once you’ve tried the above tips and if your washing machine is still not working properly, you could try a reset.

So this is where we get to the nuts and bolts of how to reset a washing machine. Read on to find out more.

How to reset a washing machine – Options 

Many of the new types of washing machines will have a reset function to clear any problems with programs.

This will often clear a ‘delay start’ function that may have been selected by accident while setting the machine and corrects the program error so the machine will go through its cycle. 

In most newer models with digital displays, your manual is your best friend. 

Many machines with digital displays will have a specific way to reset depending on the brand, so check the guide. Most newer models will have manuals available online if you’ve not got it to hand. 

On some machines pressing the button firmly which is labelled as ‘start-pause’ for five seconds will reset, whereas others need you to hold the ‘stop’ button down. 

Others require you to turn the knob on the machine’s control to ‘reset’ with the power off. 

Once you have performed the reset, then test the machine by running it on a rinse and spin cycle and any error code has disappeared. 

What if the reset doesn’t work? 

If you see no change after trying a general reset, then you could try a Master Reset. 

Master reset 

This type of reset is how professional washing machine engineers will use to resolve some problems when working on your machine 

It should effectively reset all the electronics inside your washing machine. It’s a simple fix and hopefully will get your machine up and running again. 

Simply open the washing machine door 6 times within a 12-second period. Follow this by running a rinse and spin cycle to see if the machine empties. 

If you are still having issues, it could be that there might be faulty parts or another issue that may require a professional to tackle. 

There could be a number of things that stops your machine from running properly. It could be a faulty toner or even a problem with the door latch or other errors. 

Check your owner’s manual for error codes to see if there is a simple fix and if not, you may need your machine serviced or some parts replaced. 

If you are handy with DIY you could try looking on the website of your particular make and model to order the necessary parts. 

Don’t forget to check the warranty on your washing machine first if it’s a new model. 

If you aren’t confident to do this, then it might be time to get in touch with expert washing machine repair technicians to solve the problem quickly for you. 

Washing Machine Maintenance

What if my machine doesn’t have a reset button? 

If there is no reset button and you aren’t able to access the plug to turn off and on again, then you could try turning off the power via the circuit breaker.

This will reset the washer if you leave the circuit breaker off for around 30 seconds to a minute. This will depend on the specific machine model, so check the manual before you begin. 

After you’ve turned the breaker off and if your machine has a knob control, turn the dial to any cycle but not a final spin.

Finally, turn the breaker back on and the washing machine. 

How do I reset a top-loading washing machine? 

How to perform a motor reset on a top loading washing machine 

  1. Unplug your washing machine washer for about 1 minute from the wall socket.
  2. Plug the washing machine back in
  3. Now you will have 30 seconds to start lifting and lowering the lid.
  4. Lift and lower the top loader lid repeatedly 6 times within a 12-second period
  5. The top lid must be raised to a minimum of 2″ to disconnect and reconnect the magnetic connector
  6. With each closure, make sure you close the lid fully.

The motor should now be reset and ready for you to start a cycle.

How to reset a washing machine – Next steps

We hope that’s helped you uncover some of the problems you might be having with a washing machine that’s not working properly. 

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